Online Disability Awareness Training

About Crossroads Care

Crossroads Care was first established on the Isle of Man in 1988 and have been providing continuing support and services on the island for over quarter of a century! Over the years the organisation has grown and expanded its services to meet the needs of our local carers. The organisation became a network member of the Princess Royal Trust for Carers in 2004 and opened the island’s only Carers’ Centre.

As a charity the organisation relies on donations and fundraising to provide over 70% of its projects with the rest being grant funded.

Crossroads Care is the leading provider of practical and emotional support for carers living on the Isle of Man. Our service is about giving time, improving the lives of carers by giving them time to be themselves and have a break from caring.

Crossroads Care delivers a Tiered Award Scheme to help local businesses and services to be ready for the Equality Act and to pave the way for equal access for everyone.

We will strive to:

Crossroads is the only on island service provider whose main focus is on the carer and as an organisation we provide care to all carers and individuals with care needs, no matter what their disability or illness, or age.

Call us now on 01624 673103 to find out about Crossroads Care or our online disability awareness training module.